Data analysis is increasingly becoming central to decision-making in companies, especially in departments where people work towards increasing customer growth, improving productivity, and risk management. But although companies push to make their decision making process more data dependent, it seems business leaders are still more accustomed to taking serious business based on gut instincts and experiences. They still seem to have trouble trusting the insights shared from meticulous data analysis processes.

This has also opened up a whole new career area. Data analytics and decision making based on data analytics has become an integral part of business. Companies now collect and analyze the data about who, where, when & how their (or their competitors) products and services are used and change their products, services, marketing strategy and ads to increase their sales or reduce expenditure

Who should participate?
 Interested in a career as Data Analyst?
 Find yourself drowning in data and need to learn how to best utilize them?
 Want to use your data for an advanced customer experience?
 Don’t always know how to take the right decision based on solid data, but rather go with your instinct?
 Raw data is useless, so join us to help you make sense of your data
 Data Analytics Professionals are the ones who are currently in demand across the global industrial & business levels.

Body of knowledge

Data Analytics Practitioner

 Statistics/Algorithms: Basic Statistics
 Database/Datasets: Data collection, cleansing & aggregation,
 Data-Mining: Data Frames in R, Data Cleaning, understand your Data using Excel/Minitab/R
 Software:Intro to R,Minitab & Advanced Excel
 Programing/Coding: R, Excel, VBA
 Graphs/Dashboards: Introduction to Power BI Fundamentals

Data Analytics Practitioner

 Statistics/Algorithms: Introduction to Machine Learning
 Database/Datasets: SQL vs NoSQL (Hbase)
 Data-Mining: Understand your Data using R / Python
 Software: Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem
 Programing/Coding: Python for Data Analytics Basics
 Graphs/Dashboards Microsoft Power BI Streaming Data (Using Windows Power Shell Script)

Data Analytics Practitioner

 Statistics/Algorithms: Probability & Expected Values, Statistical distributions
 Database/Datasets: SQL Working with unstructured data
 Data-Mining: R for Data Analytics Basics
 Software: SQL,R
 Programing/Coding: R, MatLab
 Graphs/Dashboards: Full Dashboard Building with Power BI

Data Analytics Practitioner

 Statistics/Algorithms: Regression, Dimension Reduction, clustering
 Database/Datasets: Data manipulation with dplyr R
 Data-Mining: Predictive Models: Statistical Rule-based, Machine Learning
 Software: IBM SPSS Modeler
 Programing/Coding: IBM SPSS Modeler
 Graphs/Dashboards: "Forecasting in Power BI and Tableau ,Building Dynamic Forecast with R plus Power BI"

Certification fees

 Ser.  Certification    Fees $
1  Data Analytics Practitioner Descriptive 100
 Data Analytics Practitioner Diagnostic  150 

 Data Analytics Practitioner



 Data Analytics Practitioner 




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