The purpose of this professional certification is to help the candidate to be one step ahead in the market competition and enhances the professional value of the individual, increases the earning potential and provides a career advantage over peers.

As a certified production manager you will be able to:
Demonstrate professional competence, enhance professional recognition, and pave the way for promotion to higher levels within the organization.
 Build personal confidence by mastering professional inventory and production skills.
 Increase the candidate’s contribution to his/her organization’s “bottom line” by learning to accurately predict outcomes and initiate actions that achieve desired results.
 Understand elements of the supply chain with attention to distribution planning, supplier interfaces, and customer service.
 Provide priority control and manage lead-time when dealing with demand forecast.
Manage, control, and account for inventory.
 Integrate production and inventory management through master scheduling and material and capacity requirements planning.
 Implement systems and technologies, including MRP, MRPII, ERP, JIT, and TQM.

Certification Fees
 The cost for online test to get the certificate is 500$

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